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Capacity and experience

Understand the core issues of the sustainable development path, together with a team of staff with high expertise and rich experience, graduated from specialized iniversities and trained from the world's top experts. Over the past year, the Board of Directors and staff of UPVIET Company Limited always strives to improve ethics and constantly learn to improve their expertise and other fields related to other specialized problems, in order to provide customers with the most perfect products and services.

UPVIET - Total solution consultant for CAD / CAM / CAM / CAE solutions, intelligent management system integration, testing workshops, laboratories, factories for enterprises, research centers new products R&D, universities, research institutes, etc. Supply, training, technology transfer related to CAD / CAM / CAM / CAE products, mechanical machining equipment, equipment measuring equipment, product quality testing, noise testing, etc. .. Connect to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners.

037 7999145 (Sale) / 098 2435137 (Technical)