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WEBINAR - Altair EDEM - Online seminar for agricultural machine design engineers!

Dear Customers and Partners,

With the desire to bring to the Vietnamese engineers new technologies in cost optimization, quick analysis, accurate assessment of performance, durability as well as problems arising during operation. of agricultural machinery, UPVIET Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Altair Engineering Company respectfully organizes an online seminar with the following information:

1. Workshop topic: "Breakthrough technology in analysis and design improvement to increase the working efficiency of agricultural machines - EDEM."

EDEM is the world's leading solution in analyzing and accurately simulating the behavior of granular materials, blocks (soil, rock, plants, fruits, nuts, ...), helping to evaluate the performance of equipment and optimization right from the original design stage.

2. Time: 15:00 - 16:30, Friday March 27, 2020

3. Content:
  • Common difficulties in designing agricultural machines
  • Overview of EDEM simulation technology and benefits
  • Application of EDEM
  • Q&A - Ask questions and get answers from experts Altair Engineering with over 20 years of experience in the field of agricultural machine design
4. Forms of participation:

*** 100% free online seminars, you can follow right away at the office via computer or phone, join until the last minute to ask questions and listen to the solutions. expert responses in Q&A section.

*** Even if you can't schedule a workshop time, sign up, we will email the conference video and solution documents to your email!

Please click here to register: https://bit.ly/2U1bLts

We will email your weblink address with instructions on how to join us via email for successful registration.

The seminar promises to help attendees of engineers have multi-dimensional perspectives on the application of simulation technology in research, manufacturing and production activities.

So, we hope customers and partners to consider and arrange time to attend our seminars.

Thank you very much!


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