Chongqing Dajiang Millison Optimizes Die Casting Bracket Production

19/11/2016 11:58

 For Chongqing Dajiang Millison (CDM), Targets in pro

Optimization for an Exhaust Manifold

19/11/2016 11:49

 Heunisch-Guss has been using MAGMA 5 for years as part of its preventative quality management system, to ensure a timely analysis of casting layouts and posible defect sources 

Optimization of Brake Caliper

19/11/2016 11:27

 Due to safety resons, brake calipers are produced to highest quality reqirements. The Shanghai Sandmann Foundry ( SSF) developed, and is successfully producting a GJS car caliper which was acquired to be optimized in a DISAMATIC casting process

MAGMA 5 Release 5.3

19/11/2016 11:14

 Easy to Use - Process Specific - Accurate

Installation, operation successful 5-axis machining center SPINNER U620 for Customer

04/04/2014 04:53

  With a team of experienced professionals in the field of supply, installation, training and technology transfer 5-axis machining center, UPVIET Company Limited has successfully organized installation training and outsourcing bevel gear twisted on 5-axis machining center Spinner u620 for Customer.

Free Training thermal simulation software in electronic devices - software MENTOR - Mentor Graphics

04/04/2014 04:57

 UPVIET Co. is honored to address reliability in the field of training and technology transfer .

In addition to the experts many years of experience in the country , in collaboration with the company 's expert software firm to transfer training to the engineers of business